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eBooks and their different formats

To put it simply, an eBook is a book that is converted to a digital format in order to be displayed on a device.


This file extention signifies an "electronic publication." These are the most popular format for eBooks because of the wide range of devices that support this format.


The file format ".azw" as well as ".azw3" are Amazon's two proprietary ebook formats that were designed for the Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app.


PDF stands for "portable document format." This format isn't techniqually an eBook format, however, it is very commonly used because of it's general versatility.

Brief History

There is some controversy surrounding the definative person that created the eBook, however, there is one noteworthy person that has helped the idea come to the masses

Michael S. Hart

The first person to create a truly electronic book (eBook) was Michael Hart. This is because he decided to type the US Declaration of Independence into a computer in 1971. Through his own accord, he created "Project Gutenberg" which is the oldest and most widely known digital library.

Why Are eBooks Important?

eBooks simplify and enhance the experience of reading as a whole. The use of a digital book allows someone to utilize tools such as bookmarks, annotations, and highlights without having to use outside materials and write inside the pages of a physical book.

Steps of Publishing eBooks

The process differs depending on the type of book, however, this is a general way to follow for illustrative children's books. A more in-depth guide can be found at the official picture ebook mastery website.


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